6 Ways To Use SEO To Boost Sales Of IT Security Products

SEO To Boost Sales Of IT Security Products

Your sales of IT security products and services can be significantly improved if you could effectively deploy excellent Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. The volume of sales you are able to make depends largely on the traffic your site could generate and convert. SEO, simply put, enables search engines to crawl and index your site such that your site gets the right visibility through traffic in a business environment with numerous options for potential customers.

Below are some of the ways you can begin to maximise the use of SEO and increase your profit through more sales conversion from your site’s traffic.

1. Research

Research  on the type of keywords prospects are likely to be looking for on search engines with respect to IT security products and services. The more your accuracy in this regard, the greater the potential of driving more traffic to your site. The easiest way to do this is by assuming the position of the client. What would you type on Google if you were looking to buy your own product.

2. Optimize your site’s potential

In this fast paced world, the longer it takes your site to load, the more prospects you lose to your competitors. There are several options available out there so you need to test run and fix your site’s slow loading time quickly.  Here is a video showing you how to improve your load time.

3. Be mindful of your URLs

Your URL must be such that is representative of the keyword or the content of your site. It should depict what visitors and prospect are expected to find on your page i.e the product or service you have on offer.

4. Quality Content

It is not enough to generate huge traffic.  A good portion of your prospects must be converted to actual customers. This could be achieved by creating strong, unique and compelling content. The content of your site must be such that it will ensure repeat visit and compelling enough to make prospects make that phone call for orders.

5. Integrate with social media tools

Make it easy for prospects to connect via the most popular social media platforms. This would increase your opportunity for better client engagement and servicing.

6.Consider your SiteMap.xml

Of course, the pages on your site vary in terms of importance and relevance to your sales objective. Use SiteMap.xml to set priorities on the ease with which search engines crawl and index important pages on your site. Pages that contain product details and your company’s unique selling proposition should be given priority above less important pages. SiteMap.xml determines how effective search engines crawl and index pages on your site.